Sunday, April 11, 2010

Carnivals Around The Globe

Colorful carnivals organized all across the globe are the finest moments for merrymaking in the entire world. Various nations of our world organizes vibrant carnivals to welcome the season of spring after a long chilly season of winters.

Irrespective of caste, creed and ages, people loves to participate in these carnivals, to rejuvenate and restart their daily life with a fresh outlook. A vibrant carnival is very popular among natives of the country as well as the holidaymakers. It infused festive mood among them. Vacationers loves to witness and participate in these carnivals as they provide an opportunity to see the unique culture and tradition of a country from a close point. Some of the famous carnivals around the globe are

Carnival of Nice, France:  Organized in the Nice city of South France, this carnival is an annual affair. The group of Mardigras and noble ladies holding the  yellow Mimosa flowers are main attraction of this carnival. After them, a group of musical bands wearing big masks follow them. Behind them comes a big float on which the big figure of a winter king wearing a gold crown, follows. Spectators cheer loudly and throws ticker tapes on the participants. The winter king is burned after the dusk. With these, citizens of Nice welcomes the pleasant season of Spring.

Fastnacht, Koln, Germany:
  German name of carnival is “Fastnacht”. Organized in the Koln city of Germany, Fastnacht is a three day long carnival. The second day of this carnival is called Rose Monday. On this day a big parade passes through the main street of the city. Citizens irrespective of all ages disguise themselves and go out to see the parade. The household ladies makes up their lips with dark red shade lipsticks to provoke men at the parade. Citizens sings and dance together leaving behind all their daily worries. These three days are the best days of a year for the people of Koln.

The carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:  Carnival of  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is another visual retreat to eyes. Brazilians eagerly waits for this colorful event. They work hard and ,save their valuable money only for this fiesta. This carnival showcases salsa dance performed by performers of various salsa schools. More than 5000 dancers participate in this vibrant parade, which lasts for 90 minutes. Apart from the dancers, even the spectators also shakes their hips on the tune of salsa music. This carnival serves as moment of unification for the citizens of Brazil.


Winter Carnival, Quebac, Canada:  In contrast to the charms of Spring season, Winter season too has its beauty. Qubec town of Canada is the finest example of this. Every year, this coldest place of Canada
organizes a fantastic Winter Carnival. At a temperature of -30C, residents of this icy town loves to participate in this carnival for some real pleasure. This carnival is distinct from other carnivals held in different parts of the world. A beautiful snow castle and a snow amusement park is the constructed at the center of the carnival place. 

Other attractions are snow and ice sculptures which are placed along the streets. Every year a snow queen is selected, who parades on the illuminated float. In this carnival, people of the town also participates in various exciting competitions like ice fishing at a frozen lake and a canoe race on the ice river where the temperature is -50C. Citizens of the also enjoy volley balls on the snow ground wearing in swimsuits.

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