Thursday, April 22, 2010

Irezumi Art Of Japan

Irezumi is a Japanese form of tattoo art. Tattooing is an interesting art form which exhibits personal bond between oneself, the art and the artist.

Irezumi is a Japanese word which means insertion of ink under the skin. It leaves a permanent mark on the body. These marks are usually decorative one. Mostly blue or green ink is used as the main shading ink under the sky.

It is believed that Irezumi, tattooing art of Japan which traces back its history to Paleolithic period approximately 10, 000 B.C. According to some historians, faces and bodies of figures dated to that period also represents tattoo art, which is evident from the distinctive cord marked patterns created on them.

Irezumi has no relation to the tattoos created for decorative and social purposes. The Ainu people, known as indigenous people of Japan were the main people who loved to tattoo their body for decorative and social purpose.

Irezumi is a painful, time-consuming and expensive tattooing art form. Till date specialists tattooists are used to do create traditional designs of Tattooing.This form of tattooing mainly covers arms, back, upper legs, chest but leaving center of the body untattooed. It requires one to five years of weekly visits and a hefty amount of US$ 30, 0000, To complete tattooing of all these body parts. 

Similar to Japan, India too has history of tattooing. People of various Indian states loves to tattoo their hands or arms. Married women of some states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh tattoo their husband name on their hands.  

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