Friday, April 23, 2010

Top Ten Eco Friendly Buildings

Eco-friendly houses are the latest buzz in today's world. With every passing day, temperature of our planet is increasing in a rapid way. All thanks to excessive global warming.

To combat this situation, eco-friendly houses are the new hopes. Eco-friendly buildings are similar to green houses which are human savvy. Eco-friendly homes comprises of energy efficient doors and windows, herbal gardens, rainwater harvesting, solar heaters, sewage treatment plant, . These houses are increasingly becoming fashionable with builders, architects and common men.

Top ten eco-friendly buildings of our world are
World's Tallest Wooden Building: This building is yet to be constructed. This tallest wooden building of world will have 16 to 17 storeys, which would be made up of natural and recycled materials from the surrounding area. Another important feature of this building would be the reuse of biodegradable household and industrial waste to produce bio-gas. This building will house Barents Secretariat Office and cultural tower of Norway.

Plastic Bottle House: Created by Hondurus based Eco-Tec, Plastic Bottle House is another wonderful eco-friendly house of our world. This house is made up of 8000 plastic bottles which are filled with mud and bound together with cement mixture. It is a cheap and long lasting construction.

Cardboard House: Designed by a small Australian design firm, Cardboard House is another form of eco-friendly buildings. It is a plastic-coated modular house which requires a hefty amount of $35, 000 to construct.

Glass Bottle House: As the name reflects,Glass Bottle Houses are constructed of recycled glass bottles. It is also eco-friendly house as the air in the glass bottle work as a great insulator. It is not a new innovation because in 1920, a person named Tom Kelly has also constructed a bottle house in Ryolite, Nevada. It required 51, 000 glass bottles. 

Paper House: Paper House is another form of eco-friendly building. It was designed by a Swiss company named the Wall A.G. It is also known as 'Universal World House'. Paper House is a 390 square foot modular house having plumbing and sleeping facilities for at least 8 persons. This home also has a convertible closed/open-air kitchen with table and benches. The material used for constructing a paper house is recycled paper. This home has honeycomb walls which provide structural integrity and insulation to the houses. African countries like Nigeria and Angola have placed orders for paper houses to combat excessive heat.

Recycled Tire House: Recycled tire house is made up of tires. Tires stack well with each other and offers lots of room for stuffing with insulating materials. Due to which, tires are used to create an eco-friendly house.

Dubai Solar Village: Dubai's Solar village is one of the esteemed eco-friendly buildings of today's world. Currently it is under construction. This Vertical Building of Dubai consists residents, hotels and entertainment facilities. It is covered in an impressive array of solar panels. This building is made up of new technologies. Each building is positioned to reduce the heat from sun exposure. On the south side of the building there is a massive bed of solar collectors which adjust itself according to the orientation of sun position for maximum efficiency.

Eco Dome: Eco dome building of South Korea is a project of Ecorium, sponsored by the National Ecological Institute. The project was designed by Samoo. This building would be created on 33, 000 sq. metre park and include a wetland reserve and a wild plant area. Another feature of this dome is that this building is composed of a series of inter-connected greenhouse domes. Exterior of this house will be made up of metal panels, low-iron and low-e double glazing, wood and plexiglass.

Plant Wall: Plant Wall is another yet to be constructed eco-friendly building in Portland, Oregan. It is a $133 million plan and will cover Federal Building from ground floor to rooftop. This building will have a 200 foot wall of living vegetation. The plant wall is likely to be irrigated by a combination of rainwater from the roof and water recycled from the building's plumbing. According official estimate, this building will use 60-65% less energy than a similar sized office.

Masdor Eco City: Masdar Eco City is planned to be created in Abu Dhabi. It will be the first eco city of our world. This eco city won't have skycapers along with non-electric cars. Solar technology will be used to fulfill power requirement of this eco-city. Magnetic Pod cars will be used for public transportation around the city. It is expected that this project will cost $15 to 30 billion and around 10 years to complete.

Solar Pod House: Solar Pod House is a design created by Architecture and Vision firm. This house will consist a mobile solar-powdered lounge. It will be constructed from Italian Carrara marble and powered by solar panels coating the exterior. 

Even Indian builders are also trying to construct some eco-friendly houses. 

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