Monday, April 12, 2010

Culinary Trip To World's Food Festival

A culinary trip to world's finest food festival is an awesome way to satisfy one's tasting bud. Every nation of world has their own distinct culinary identity, which is unmatched to other countries. And to exhibit these yummy treasures, every year some of the nations of our world celebrate wonderful food festivals within their territory.

To satisfy good food, one don't have to be a professional chef or a food critic. Throughout the year, several special food festivals are organized all across the globe. These food festivals are the best place to gorge some exotic cuisines.

The South Beach Food and Wine Festival: Apart from its exotic view South Beach of Florida is famous among the food lovers for its Food and Wine Festival. This annual affair of Florida, every year draws world's top chefs, food critics and food lovers. If you are a lover of alcohol and champagnes because the main attractions of this festival are gourmet foods, alcohol and champagnes.

Festival Of Cheese: Festival of Cheese is the main attraction of American Cheese Society's annual conference. It is a three day long festival, which is held in Hilton in Chicago. Here, you will get a chance to taste some of the incredible cheeses comes direct from the dairies all across U.S.A.

International Food Festival, India: With the onset of Summer Season, Mango, 'the king of fruits' pop up in every local market of India. Every year, India hosts a mega fiesta of Mango for three days, which is known as International Mango Festival. The main venue for this unique festival of Mango is Delhi, the national capital of India. Here, you will get an opportunity to taste nearly 500 species of mangoes. Apart from gorging on the fruit, visitors can also participate in various competitions related to Mangoes.

Even You can visit Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state of India to taste some
fabulous Tamil cuisines. The festival includes dishes like Urulai Kavipoo, Chettinad Kola, Urundai Kozhambu, Paya Melagu, Viruthanagar Kothu Paratha, Madurai Malli Kozhi Varuval and many more.

Mondial De La Biere, Montreal: As the name reflects, Mondial De La Biere is a festival to celebrate wide range of beer. It is a five day long festival, which showcases some incredible brews of Canada. To attract large number of visitors, a handful of best beer brews are created. No charge is there to enter the hall. But, one have to buy coupons ( ($1 each) to taste these beers.

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