Monday, April 12, 2010

Seven Natural Wonders Of World

Till date various lists of "Wonders of World" have been complied, which showcases some splendid natural and artificial treasures of our world. The first known list was “Seven Wonders of Ancient World”, which displays seven of the finest classical antiquity of yesteryears.

Similar to "seven wonders of the Ancient world", there are various lists which exhibits unique and remarkable seven natural wonders of the world.And a trip to these natural wonders of world will surely be an achievement of lifetime.

Mount Everest: Famous as the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest is a part of Himalayan Mountain range. This snowy paradise is the most young mountain range among all other mountain ranges of the world. Lies between the border of Nepal and Tibet, every year Mount Everest grows two inches more. The first two men who conquered the glistening peak of Mount Everest are Edmund Hillary and Tnzing Norway. They climbed the mountain in the year 1953. You can even visit India to have a close view of Mt.Everest

The Barringer Meteor Crater: Located between the towns of Flagstaff and Winslow in the province of Arizona in U.S.A, Meteor Crater seems to be a big hole in the desert. It was created due to a massive hit of meteorite which comes from the outer world. This Meteor Crater is the largest carter and is
4,145 feet across, and 570 feet deep.

Victoria Falls: Discovered by David Livingstone in 1855, Victoria Falls are counted among one of the greatest waterfalls in the world. Named after Queen Victoria, this water fall is on the river Zimbezi and forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Victoria fall is truly a visual retreat and can be viewed from 25 to 40 feet away. The height of this water fall varies from 256 feet to 354 feet at the centre and was formed due to rift in rock which lies at directly at the path of the river.

Grand Canyon: Located in the northwest part of Arizona, Grand Canyon was created by running water of Colrado river. Grand Canyon gives a view of various layers of rock, which are at least two billion years old. Apart from its exotic view, Grand Canyon is also famous for its unique climate. In the middle of the canyon it gets very hot and dry. On the North Rim it is like the mountains. The climate is cold whereas on the South Rim, the climate is a mixture of hotness and mountain-like. And canyon walls are pretty dry.

Ayers Rock: Famous as one of the oldest rock of world, Ayers rock in Australia is a sacred site for the Aborigines of this country. Located in the middle of Simpson desert in Australia, Ayers rock is 500 million years old. This rock also has several caves which are integral part of religious life of Aborigines. A national park is surrounding this rock, which is known as Uluru National park.

Great Barrier Reef: Considered among the largest of all reef, the Great Barrier Reef streches to an area of 2000 km, across the azure water of ocean. Actually, Great Barrier Reef is a series of smaller reef, located in the north-eastern coast of Australia. All reefs are classified into three different groups and made up of coral, sand or rock.

Harbour of Rio De Janerio: Harbour of Rio De Janerio in South-east of Brazil is regarded as one of the natural wonders of the world. Stretches to an area of 20 miles. This bay is popular among the visitors for its massive statue of Jesus Christ. This staue of Christ is known as Christ the Redeemer or "Christo Redentor". It is positioned above the Corcovado Mountain and overlooks the bay.

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