Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ghana's Ancient Beads Back in Fashion

The famous quote “Old is gold” truly justifies the existence of colorful beads in Ghana.

From ages, people of these tiny African nation are using beads as an accessory. They have always cherished the beauty of these colorful beads. Beads are inherited treasures for people of Ghana and plays a pivotal role in Ghana's culture.

Beads were once used as currency of king. In the ancient time, during the reign of monarchs, beads were exchanged for slaves, drinks and textiles. Korbo people of Ghana mostly wears these beads as 

But, with the gradual passage of time these colorful beads have lost popularity in their own home. They are no more consider as currency, still plays a pivotal role in the lives of Ghanaian citizens. The Ghanaian Government has decided to use the potential of bead industry as a tourist attraction and source of foreign trade.

There is no limit to create beads. These can be made from various kinds of materials which includes bone, wood, shell, stone, clay and glass. They are also available in various shapes and sizes.

Of lately, these vibrant beads are back in fashion with a bang. They are again regaining popularity among new generation. Youngsters of Ghana are rediscovering their prized heritage of traditional beads as fashion accessories. Not only on necks, ladies of GenNext loves to wear them on their waist lines, only to add extra edge to their beauty.

So, travel to Ghana and explore its colorful world of beads.

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